Triple-S Contigo en el Hospital

What is Contigo en el Hospital?

Contigo en el Hospital is a transition of care program for all Triple-S members. It gives special support during your hospitalization and recovery at home.

Benefits of Contigo en el Hospital

  • You will get a kit for a more pleasant stay at the hospital.
  • We provide educational material about your state of health and recovery.
  • Our support personnel helps streamline communications with the medical team.
  • We make sure you have your prescriptions and drugs before leaving the hospital.
  • We set up your checkup appointments and coordinate the services and/or equipment recommended by your doctor for your recovery.

How will you benefit from this program?


If you are hospitalized for more than 48 hours at one of the program's hospitals, our support staff will be notified and will visit you.


Our support staff will give educational material about your state of health and recovery and will help streamline communications with the health care team at the hospital.


After you are discharged, our support staff will stay in touch with you to help you in your recovery at home.

Available at Triple-S Preferred Network hospitals

  • Ashford Hospital
  • Manatí Medical Center
  • Hospital San Lucas
  • Mayagüez Medical Center
  • Doctors’ Center in Carolina, Bayamón, Manatí, and San Juan