Triple-S en Casa

Get your OTC products and medicines wherever you need them!

Available for Triple-S Salud and Triple-S Advantage plans with pharmacy coverage.

Download our mobile application so you can:

SEND AND PROCESS your prescriptions electronically


GET THEM directly at your home, office, or place of preference

How to Use the Triple-S en Casa App

Step 1

Send us a photo of the printed prescription from the app*, or have your doctor send an electronic prescription to: Alivia Home Delivery Pharmacy (NCPDP 4030235 | NPI 1396391280). If you submit a photo of the printed prescription, you must provide the original prescription and show a valid identification to the courier delivering the order.

Step 2

When your order is ready, you'll receive a text and email notification to complete the process.

Step 3

The medication will show up in your shopping cart as soon as it is ready. Select it, click on “Order,” and make your payment if a copay applies.

Step 4

Schedule the delivery by selecting the address, date, and time of delivery.

You may also order OTC products in “My Marketplace.” You can add them to your order, or you may order them without needing to order prescription medications. Triple-S Advantage members will be able to see their quarterly OTC benefit balance.

It's easy, fast, and convenient!

1Limited variety of OTC products. Orders of OTC products without prescription medications must meet a $25 minimum to get free delivery.

Benefits of Triple-S en Casa

My Marketplace

Managing orders for a loved one

Consulting with a pharmacist

Get your medicines and OTC products wherever you want

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Triple-S en Casa is a medication delivery service offered to members insured under Triple-S Advantage and Triple-S Salud plans with pharmacy coverage, in partnership with Alivia Home Delivery, a pharmacy duly licensed to operate in Puerto Rico. This service is optional. It does not apply to Plan Vital beneficiaries. Triple-S Advantage and Triple-S Salud members are free to choose their pharmacy provider. For a complete directory of participating pharmacies in the Triple-S network, please access:

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