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Triple-S Salud: Health Plans for Individuals, Families, Couples, and Students

Main Benefits

  • Semi-private room, 365 days.
  • Hospital stays for mental health and drug use issues.
  • Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF).
Inpatient medical-surgical
  • Medical visits, consultations and diagnostics for hospitalized patients.
  • Skin, bone, and corneal transplants.
  • Surgery and anesthesia.
  • Lithotripsy procedure (ESWL).
  • Invasive cardiovascular tests and gastrointestinal endoscopies.
Outpatient medical
  • All visits to family doctors, specialists, subspecialists, and health care providers you want.
  • Nutritionist visits, up to six per contract year.
  • Clinical labs and X-rays.
  • Outpatient surgeries.
  • Health care at home.
  • Urgent care and emergency services.
  • Ground ambulance for up to $80 per case.
  • Preventive services, like immunizations, as stated by federal law.
Services in the US

The Blue Card program covers emergency care and services pre-approved by Triple-S Salud. You must pay the respective coinsurance in the US. This will depend on the coverage you choose.

Drug coverage

We cover a $5 copay for preferred generic drugs. We also cover a 6-tier copay structure.


We cover 100% of dental for diagnostic and preventive services.

  • Full basic exam.
  • Common routine exams.
  • Radiographs.
  • Dental cleaning (prophylaxis).
  • (Topical) application of fluoride varnish. This depends on the member's age and health.
More services
  • Triple-S Natural:
    Enjoy the rewards of alternate therapy. For instance, acupuncture, aromatherapy and naturopathic services, among others. Up to six visits.
  • Teleconsulta MD:
    TeleConsulta MD lets you talk with a doctor online. You can use it 7 days a week, through your smartphone or computer.
  • Eyeglasses:
    One pair per contract year for members up to 21 years old. Up to $50 for eyeglasses or contact lenses for adults.
  • Maternity:
    With pre and post-natal care.
  • Specialized diagnostic tests:
    MRI, PET CT and PET Scan, sonograms, and others.
  • Durable medical equipment

The perfect plans for you

Our plans are split into 2 simple groups. They both have dental and prescription drug coverage.

Triple-S Directo

We offer you 4 free choice plans: Bronze, Silver 1, Silver 2 and Gold which are designed to meet the different needs of each person.

Prescription Drug List
Provider Directory

Acceso Directo

New free choice plan with 3 options to access the covered services: Salus network with $0 copayment in most services, Preferred networks with lower co-payments and participant and providers network with higher co-payments.

Prescription Drug List
Provider Directory

I am undecided, please call me for guidance:

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