Windows comprise the most attractive parts of our homes. They let the sunlight in, provide us with an outside view, and allow air to circulate and refresh our homes. However, during a hurricane, windows can become one of the most vulnerable parts of every home. Therefore, as part of our emergency plan during hurricane season, we must take special measures to protect them.

There are several ways to protect our windows from hurricane damage. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation concerning this topic and it could have dangerous consequences. But do not worry, below we provide you with some guidance on what to do and what to avoid with your windows in the event of a storm or hurricane.


Installing storm shutters is a safe way to protect your windows. Whether they are made of zinc or wood, make sure that they cover your windows completely. This way, they can offer the greatest protection possible against projectiles that can impact your home.

If you are considering obtaining a new house or apartment, or you are in the process of remodeling, you can also verify that the windows are made with impact-resistant glass that can withstand hurricane winds.

However, even when you take these precautions to protect your windows, you can’t rely on that alone. Hurricane winds are unpredictable. If you live in a house, you should inspect your surroundings to remove, anchor, or tie down any outdoor objects that could become dangerous projectiles. We also recommend that you identify a “safe room.” This space should not have windows and must be as isolated as possible from the outside, in case you need to take shelter there (if the onslaught is too strong and you do not feel sufficiently protected by the storm shutters).


Storm shutters are great to protect us from wind damage, but they will not necessarily be water-resistant. In the event of a hurricane warning, check all outward-facing window and door frames. The sealants used to fasten those frames may crack or break with time, and a lot of water could seep through the cracks. If you identify other holes or cracks, use a waterproof sealant to fill them.


In the event of a hurricane, it is common to see glass windows and doors covered with masking tape in the shape of an “X.” Unfortunately, this technique does little to protect us. If a solid object flies at high speed and hits a glass surface, it is very likely that the glass will break, even if it is covered with tape. Furthermore, the placed tape will cause the glass to break in bigger and sharper pieces, which could be even more dangerous to the people inside the structure.


Perhaps you have heard of a theory that says leaving some windows open can help stabilize the pressure inside our homes during a storm. However, this theory is not based on any scientific evidence. Also, it can be extremely dangerous to leave inside areas of your home exposed to the rains and winds of a hurricane.

Remember, there is no such thing as being too careful. Do not wait until the last minute to take measures to protect your family and your property. Even if it seems like too much work, these measures are our best defense against the great threat that a hurricane can represent.

For more advice on how to prepare for natural disasters in Puerto Rico, consult our Guide to Overcome Natural Disasters.

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