New card simplifies your care and use of benefits

Triple-S Advantage, for the first time, combines into a single card the health plan benefits its members need to stay healthy, with money to buy food, pay for home cleaning services, as well as cash for whatever they need.

“As a health plan, we have evolved to address members’ needs that may not seem health-related, but they have a significant impact on health. As part of that evolution, our members now present their card at the doctor’s and also in the supermarket to buy food, as well as at different businesses to purchase other products and services that contribute to their well-being,” said Madeline Hernández-Urquiza, president of Triple-S Advantage.

The card debuted a new design that includes the Mastercard logo which makes it a prepaid card that can be used at participating merchants.

Grocery shopping and home delivery

“Whether due to financial reasons or mobility challenges, older adults often find it difficult to access nutritious food. To make it easier for them to eat well, the Triple-S Advantage Mastercard can be used to pay for groceries and, if you order it online, the delivery fee is also covered,” she said.

Our grocery shopping benefits are combined with the visits to nutritionists that we offer without requiring a prior diagnosis, to encourage better nutrition for our members. “From a health standpoint, being able to enjoy varied and nutritious foods helps them keep diabetes, cardiovascular conditions, obesity and other food-related diseases under control,” added Dr. José Novoa, Triple-S’s chief medical officer.

Household cleaning

In addition, Triple-S offers extra support for those who need help with household cleaning and hygiene. Using the Triple-S Advantage Mastercard, members can hire a professional for cleaning, including cleaning surfaces, scrubbing, floor sweeping and mopping, and bathroom cleaning, among others.

“A clean, tidy house, in addition to having fewer germs and allergens that make us sick, also helps prevent falls and promotes emotional well-being,” Dr. Novoa said

The new home cleaning benefit complements the In-Home Support benefit, introduced last year, which offers extra support to those members who at certain times need more support with household chores, as well as to get dressed and bathe, among others. Additional health conditions that qualify members to receive this support have now been included, such as hip, knee or open-heart surgery, intravenous chemotherapy, and others. Both cleaning and in-home support benefits help the member and ease the responsibilities of their caregivers.

Cash equivalent with the Triple-S Advantage Mastercard

Members with some coverages can also receive a monthly deposit of up to $160 in cash to their Triple-S Advantage Mastercard. “As a member, you’re the one who decides and you’re in control of how to use that extra money. You could even pay your bills for electricity, water, telephone and more,” said Hernández-Urquiza.

The new benefits seek to simplify care for members, while offering support with daily tasks and extra money to be used at their convenience. All these benefits will have a positive effect on the physical and mental health of members.

1Restrictions apply to the benefit of money for grocery purchase, payment of the cost of delivery of the purchase and cleaning at home. See Evidence of Coverage go Platin Plus (HMO-SNP), Platino Ultra (HMO-SNP) and Platino Alcance (HMO-SNP).

2The $160 per month benefit applies to Platino Advance (HMO-SNP) coverage via a debit card as long as you are a Platino Advance (HMO-SNP) member. You have the right to refuse this benefit for any reason by contacting the plan and this will not affect your eligibility for the plan or any other benefits under your coverage. Contact the plan with any questions.; this will not affect your eligibility to the plan or any other benefit on your deck.

This plan is available to anyone who has both State and Medicare Medical Assistance. Triple-S Advantage, Inc. is a Coordinated Health Maintenance (HMO) with a contract with Medicare and the Puerto Rico Medicaid Program. Enrollment in Triple-S Advantage Inc. depends on contract renewal. Paid actors. Independent BlueCross BlueShield Association.

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