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What is URAC?

URAC is a non-profit organization, leader in promoting quality in health care through accreditation, certification and measurement for all members of the industry. To achieve this, it develops standards and measures based on scientific evidence that organizations that aspire to obtain the certification must meet.


What is the accreditation?

The URAC accreditation is a national symbol of excellence, highly respected in the health industry and by federal and state government organizations in this field. It represents a guarantee that the highest standards and quality measures are met, the maximum degree of integrity is observed in the operations and there is a focus on the protection and empowerment of members.


What does the accreditation represent for our members?

The accreditation is a guarantee of our commitment to quality. For our members, this means that we seek for them to achieve the best health outcomes and quality of life. In addition, the accreditation process has allowed us to be more competitive and better prepared to serve our members with excellence from the first moment they join the plan.

To learn more about URAC access

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