Preventive Care Program

Early detection of certain health issues increases your care options and the chance of a full recovery. A preventive check-up examines several areas of your health, including both your physical and emotional health. Scheduling your yearly preventive exam will give you the chance to know if all is well with your health. You'll also get guidance and motivation to take better care of yourself.

Triple-S has 9 Preventive Care Centers that promote the health and well-being of our members. These centers simplify access to preventive checkups for better quality of health. Through these centers, members 21 years and over can get their yearly checkup in one visit without copayments in most tests.


  • Medical history

  • Physical examination

  • Screening of depression

  • Risk behavior

  • Guidance


SALUS, Guaynabo

(787) 999-3096

SALUS, Carolina

(787) 999-0580

SALUS Las Américas, San Juan

(787) 789-1996

SALUS, Ponce

(787) 651-1435

Tiger Med, Caguas

(787) 646-2800 ext. 636 (787) 286-2800 ext. 248

Wellness Alliance, Guaynabo

(787) 708-6777 (787) 708-6778

Centro de Medicina y Cirugía Ambulatoria San Sebastián

(787) 501-5324 (787) 926-0000 (787) 896-1850 ext. 255

Centro Preventivo de Quebradillas, Quebradillas

(787) 239-3316 (787) 919-7277 (939) 225-7867

Servicios Preventivos de Mayagüez, Mayagüez

(787) 501-5324 (787) 926-0000