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Do you need a plan?

Do you need a plan?

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Triple-S Salud: Health plans for individuals, families and employers

We take care of you wherever you are and whenever you need it

Access your plan’s card, schedule a virtual medical appointment, and get your medications delivered, all from your mobile phone.

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Medical Appointments


Mi Triple-S App

Your plan always clockwithin reach 24/7

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TeleConsulta MD App


TeleConsulta MD App

Medical consultations wherever you are




Triple-S en casa App

Order and get your medications delivered to your home or office

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Do you know the risk factors that affect your health? Discover them with our Health Risk Assessment (HRA) tool.

Evaluating the risk factors that can affect you is essential for a healthier life.

Triple-S Salud can help you achieve this through our Health Risk Assessment (HRA) tool. How does it work? You only have to register by accessing the electronic format and filling the corresponding boxes. It is important that you keep in mind that this evaluation does not replace any diagnoses or exams given by your doctor.

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Information for Informative Return of Insurance Premium for Taxable Year 2022 applicable to employers and self-employed individuals.

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