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10. When can I add or cancel dependents?

The general enrollment rule states that you may only add or cancel dependents during the policy renewal period, and you should provide evidence of the relationship with your direct dependent in the contract. You will have thirty (30) days after qualifying events, such as marriage, birth, or others, to notify a change in your registered dependents. These changes shall be effective one month after we receive your request, except in the case of newborns, who will be covered from the date of birth.

If you have a Triple-S Directo Oro, Triple-S Directo Plata, Triple-S Directo Bronce, or ELA plan, you will need to fill out the procedure form or send a written request. You may send the information by email to moc.r1716465501psss@1716465501etnei1716465501lclao1716465501icivr1716465501es1716465501, by fax to 787-706-2833, or by mail to:

Service Management Division
PO Box 363628
San Juan PR 00936-3628.

For more information, or to learn more about the documents needed to process your request, click here.

If you belong to a group policy, please refer to your benefits certificate to verify the dependent’s eligibility, as you may be required to submit the request through your group administrator.

Please note you may also visit our Service Centers throughout the Island or Contact Us to obtain more information.

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