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Who is eligible for this plan?

Universal is a plan for government employees, retirees without Medicare A and B coverage, and their direct and optional dependents, who during the established enrollment period join or renew their coverage.

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Am I eligible for this plan?

  • $12 copay for General Practitioner office visits.
  • $20 copay for Specialist office visits.
  • Teleconsulta Program 24/7.
  • $0 copay for preventive services required by Federal Law, including services for children, women and adults.
  • One pair of eyeglasses from the Preferred collection or contact lenses up to a maximum of $150 per policy year, through Ivision International participating providers.
  • 40% coinsurance Oral chemotherapy.
  • 40% coinsurance for respiratory therapies.
  • Up to $1,000,000 per year, per member for Organ and Tissue transplant services through Major Medical coverage, subject to 20% coinsurance.
  • Dental coverage for exams, cleanings, extractions, endodontics and more.

Coverage of this plan

  • Hospital services
  • Medical-surgical services during hospitalization
  • Medical-ambulatory services
  • Specialized Diagnostic Tests
  • Maternity
  • Services in the United States
  • Pharmacy
  • Dental services
  • Additional benefits

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