A plan as multitasking as you are

A plan as
multitasking as you are

Offers 3 ways to access benefits through different contracted provider network models.

The member decides how to use it:

  • 1 $0 copay for PCP visits within the Pocket network.
  • 2 $0 copay copay for specialists and subspecialists in the Pocket network, with a consultation.
  • 3 Free access with a higher copay for visits in the Pocket network, without consultations, or in the Triple-S Salud provider network.

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Choose the option that best suits your multitasking lifestyle

Triple-S Pocket offers you 2 product options with a Point of Service (POS) model so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

  • Silver

  • Gold

Enjoy the benefits that will help you take your health to the next level

We give you even more benefits to support your multitasking lifestyle

$0 copay

Get your yearly check-up at one of our Preventive Care centers around the island.

$50 copay

Save time and money on your urgent care services when traveling to the state of Florida.

$15 copay

Medical acupuncture, therapeutic massage, naturopathic medicine, and music therapy.

Educational programs to help you prevent and manage your health conditions so you can enjoy a better life quality.

Contigo Mujer

Educational program geared towards women's integral health through activities that promote prevention.

Contigo Fit

Virtual program of functional exercises to boost your physical activity along with a personal trainer to help you set up monthly routines.

Contigo Mamá

Educational program for pregnant women that offers virtual workshops on prenatal care, the birthing process, and breastfeeding. It includes phone counseling with a clinical management specialist. You get up to 16 hours of support after each delivery to help you with daily life activities.

Contigo Relax

Educational programs for all ages that focus on mental and behavioral health issues. Content includes videos, presentations, and events.

Take your coverage to another level with:

Extended Dental Coverage

Only $6.79 per month

Up to $1,000 per person for diagnostic, preventive, restorative services, oral surgery, fixed and removable prostheses and crowns, endodontic treatment, and more.

Life Insurance

Only $1.75 per month

• $10,000 for the primary policyholder.
• Guaranteed insurance issue.
• No medical tests or proof needed.

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