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16. Where can I find information about your individual products and how to acquire them?

The following products are currently available: Triple-S Directo Oro, Triple-S Directo Plata, and Triple-S Directo Bronce. We also have a Drug Discount Card, which offers savings of up to 38% on pharmaceuticals. You must be enrolled in one of our individual insurance plans in order to apply for this card.

Click here for more information about our individual insurance plans. To speak with one of our authorized agents, please call 787-792-2226, Monday thru Friday, from 8:00 AM a 5:00 PM. During weekends and holidays, please email us at moc.r1717035784psss@1717035784etnei1717035784lclao1717035784icivr1717035784es1717035784, or you may leave a message, and we will get back to you the following business day.

787-277-6653 787-474-6326