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07. How do I request to have my contract cancelled?

If you are the main policyholder of a Triple-S Directo Oro, Triple-S Directo Plata, or Triple-S Directo Bronce plan, you will need to sign and submit a written request. The request must include the desired date of cancellation and the contract number. All cancellations will be effective one month after you submit the request. Cancellations will not be made retroactively. You may send your written request by email to moc.r1717040441psss@1717040441codlo1717040441rtnoc1717040441, or by fax to 787-706-2833.

Please note that this only applies to the cancellation of individual contracts. If you belong to a group policy, you should ask the group administrator or refer to your benefits certificate, as you may have to submit your request through your group administrator. For more information, click on Contact Us.

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