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Contigo Mujer

The program is aimed at comprehensive women’s health through quarterly activities that promote prevention and health promotion. The educational interventions include videos, events, among others.

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Contigo Mamá

Educational program offering educational activities (face to face or virtual) and materials on prenatal care, postpartum care and newborn care.

The program include topics related to breastfeeding and birthing educational videos. Under prenatal nurse specialist for members actively enrolled in the care management program.

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Ruta Asma

Group event in which children participate with their parent or responsible person. This event promotes the prevention, control and management of asthma.

Expo Mamá

Group event for pregnant women to promote the importance of prenatal, postpartum and newborn care.

Viviendo sin Humo

Educational program aimed at helping beneficiaries in the process of smoking cessation or reducing cigarette use.The program has five sessions.

Contigo Social

This program provides resources to manage all members identified with social determinants of health.

Contigo Step Down Unit (SDU)

Personalized Care Unit for Subacute Patients Designed exclusively for Triple-S Salud And Triple-S Advantage patients who have been discharged from acute care hospitals but need additional care to complete their treatment.

Subacute patients are those who no longer require services as critical as those offered at traditional hospitals but whose health could be compromised if they return home, due to their multiple chronic conditions.

Contigo Fit

Educational Program is focused on offering topics around physical activity for all ages , functionals exercises based on chronic condictions and other health issues , nutritional recommendations.

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Contigo Relax

Educational program focused on mental and behavioral health issues for all ages. Content includes videos, presentations and events.

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Contigo CKD

The CKD program is a multidisciplinary care team that integrates nephrologist, nutritionist-dietitians, nurses and social workers to participate in the medical treatment, education, diet consultation, behavior adjustment and close monitoring system that may slow progression and prevent kidney failure in members diagnosed with CKD stage 3, 4 or 5 non dialysis dependant. CKD program participants will have access to nephrology care services and nutrition services onsite the physician office.

Contigo ESRD Vascular Access

Ensure an optimal planning process for AV Fistula or Graft creation for member with catheter as a chronically dialysis access that are eligible for a permanent vascular access. Also, member with CKD in which the beginning of HD is imminent can benefit of the program.

Contigo en Equipo

Interdisciplinary care team specialized in managing population’s chronic diseases in a effective, efficient and accesible way.

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