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Triple-S Salud

Enroll in an exclusive dental plan for federal employees at an affordable price.

Enjoy these benefits with no annual limit for covered services: 100% coverage for preventive and diagnostic services, 15% coinsurance on restorative services, and 50% coinsurance on major restorative services. In addition, NEW for orthodontic services (braces): No waiting period and up to $2,000 per insured member per lifetime, with a 55% coinsurance

Information about eligibility for health benefits

Am I eligible for this plan?

Enrollment for this plan has limits. You must live and work in Puerto Rico to enroll. If you’d like to know more about eligibility requirements for this plan, visit Benefeds at

Eligible Dependents
Types of Enrollment
  • Self Only –only covers you
  • Self plus One – covers you and (1) eligible family member
  • Self and family – covers you and two (2) or more eligible family members

Benefits That Will Make You Smile

Learn about all the benefits and services that Triple-S has for you

Triple-S Salud offers a supplementary plan under the Federal Employee Dental Program (FEDVIP), a different program from the Federal Employee Health Benefits (FEHB). This supplementary plan provides broad dental coverage for employees and retirees from the federal government and uniformed services retirees. The service area is Puerto Rico. Maximize your dental coverage with better benefits and lower copayments.

To find out if you can apply, visit: You can also call 1-877-888-FEDS (1-877-888-3337) or TTY 1-877-TTY-5680 (1-877-889-5680) Monday thru Friday from 8:00 a.m to 9:00 p.m. If you do not have a phone on hand, talk to your employing office or retirement system for guidance on how to sign up.

This dental health plan is not part of the FEHB Program.

787-277-6653 787-474-6326