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Oximetry is considered for payment when:
It is performed at the physician’s office or at the patient’s home for the following conditions:

–    Failure to Thrive
–    Cardiac Congestive Failure
–    Lung Fibroquistic Disease
–    Asthmatic state
–    Bronchiectasia
–    Alveolitis
–    Chronic Obstructive Asthma
–    Patients using oxygen at home

Oximetry is not considered for payment when:

1.    It is performed at an ambulatory surgery facility or in a hospital because they are included in their per diem.

2.    It is used under supervision for intravenous sedation at the office.

3.    Used with surgical procedures classified as Type 2 and is performed in the office, for it is considered a necessary element or factor to perform the procedure.

The values obtained must be documented in the clinical file. Other obstructive condition will be evaluated on its merit for payment.

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