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Neutron Beam Radiotherapy

Neutron beam radiotherapy of advanced salivary gland tumors and soft tissue sarcomas is considered medically necessary in cases meeting the criteria below: Salivary gland tumors in which disease-free surgical margins are not obtainable or where local recurrence has developed.- Tumors classified as T3b or greater (i.e., tumors larger than 4 cm).
 Advanced or recurrent soft tissue sarcomas without nodal involvement or distant metastases.
– Primary treatment of T2 tumors (i.e., tumors larger than 5 cm).
– Treatment of tumor recurrence (i.e., T1 or T2 tumors).
 Advanced unresectable adenocarcinoma of the prostate, using neutrons in combination with photon radiotherapy (i.e., mixed-beam therapy)
– Tumor extends into or beyond the prostatic capsule (i.e., tumors classified C or T3);
– Tumor extends into neighboring tissues (i.e., tumors classified D or T4).

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