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Insulin Pump

The use of the insulin pump is considered for payment for adults and pediatric population with diabetes under the following conditions:
• The need for improvement in glycemic control in individuals despite properly follow your diet and insulin dose, they cannot maintain Hgb A1c levels at normal levels.

• Hypoglycemia – the insulin pump has been of benefit in reducing hypoglycemic events, especially in people prone to them and persons with a range of erratic glucose levels.

• Pregnancy – hyperglycemia and / or ketoacidosis. Due to increased risk of  having children with congenital anomalies.

• Sensitivity to insulin – individuals with daily doses <20 Units or <0.4 units / kg. • Hypoglycemia at dawn. • Diabetic complications such as nephropathy, retinopathy stable, early neuropathy. • Lifestyles - Itineraries that preclude follow a strict pattern of power due to external factors

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