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FDG Using Camera-Based Imaging (FDG-SPECT)

SPECT is considered for payment to demonstrate myocardial viability.
SPECT is not considered for payment in:

· Bone and joints – to differentiate between infectious, neo-plastic, avascular and traumatic processes

· Brain tumors-to differentiate between lymphomas from infections such as toxoplasmosis, particularly in the immunosuppressed patient

Hepatic hemangioma uses red cells marked to define lesions identified by other means

· Location of abscesses / infections / inflammation in soft tissues or in cases of fever of unknown origin

· Neuroendocrine tumors (eg adenomas, carcinoid, pheochromocytomas, tumors secreting intestinal vasoactive peptides (VIP), thyroid carcinoma, adrenal tumors.

· Location of parathyroid

SPECT is not considered for payment for any other indication, including but not limited to the following:

· Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

· Chronic fatigue syndrome

· Colorectal carcinoma

· Sweep in the transport of dopamine- all indications

· Malignities except those listed above

· Neuropsychiatric disorders without evidence of cerebrovascular disease

· Pervasive developmental disorders

· Prostate carcinoma

· scintimamography for breast cancer

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