By Arnaldo Santiago / @Diaryoftrips

All pandemic issues aside, our island is beautiful, and its nature can bring us peace and fill our spirit. I always say that planning is key in order to enjoy it. Do some research to find out which activities you can do outdoors, and let that be your starting point. Right now, physical activities/sports are a great option to stay in touch with nature and get some of the relaxation this brings. Kayak, paddleboarding, surfing, swimming, and walking down the many trails available all around Puerto Rico are all good options you can explore without having to come into contact with crowds of people.

Aside from physical activities, you can also get creative with your car: making a weekly trip to watch the sunset from a different town can help energize you; driving along scenic routes will connect you with the magnificence of our mountains and greenery; and taking a stroll in the plazas of the different municipalities you visit can help get you reacquainted with our history. There is a lot you can do from the safety of your car and with a small group of your closest loved ones.

Nature is there for our enjoyment and exploration. As long as we take care of it and respect it, within the limits of the law, nature will provide the wellness and happiness we need.


  • Do your homework: plan well, do your research, and motivate others in your bubble to think about ways you can enjoy nature.
  • Dare to change your lifestyle. Try out new sports or activities, and explore forms of entertainment other than what you have always done.
  • Being healthier is always a good idea. Challenge yourself to be more physically active. See it as a way to get outside while complying with our local regulations.

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