When we face the threat of a hurricane or storm, there are several measures we must consider for to protect our life and property. In addition to securing our home (or evacuating it, if necessary), it is important to protect our cars. Besides being a valuable asset, a vehicle can become a necessity right after a storm. Here we share some recommendations to keep in mind and protect your vehicle.

Fill the gas tank

As soon as you hear about the possibility of a storm, it’s good practice to fill up your gas tank. Having a full tank will give you peace of mind and a means of transportation in case you must evacuate during or after the storm. As we learned after Hurricane Maria, an event causing significant damage could disrupt the gasoline supply chain for several weeks after the disaster.

Keep your car out of flood areas

If you live in a flood-prone area, you should be vigilant and heed authorities’ warnings to evacuate your home before the storm, if necessary. Remember that your health and safety always come first; everything material can be replaced. If you have to leave your home and there is no place for your vehicles where you are going to take shelter, consider moving them to a higher location and away from flood areas.

Park your car inside

If you have a garage or if your condo has multi-story parking, leave your car there. But not all of us have that option. If you have to leave your car outside, avoid parking it near trees or poles that could fall on it. It’s best if you can park it near a building, as this will give you at least some coverage from the worst of the winds.

Remember that even if you have the option of moving your family’s cars to a safe place, it is always a good idea to keep at least one of them accessible and close to where you are during the hurricane so you can get out in case of an emergency.

After the storm, do not leave your house if it is not necessary. Remember that even after the hurricane has passed, the roads can still be full of hazards such as floods and debris that can endanger your car and your life. Use your common sense and always remember that your car is a material good that is replaceable.

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