Chocolate is associated with love and friendship, especially in February, when we celebrate Valentine’s Day. But beyond that link with romance, science has proven that chocolate is a food with numerous physical and mental health benefits. Incorporating it into our diet in moderation, about two ounces a day, is beneficial as long as it has a high cocoa content and is low in sugar.

A 2017 study at Harvard University discovered a link between dark and bitter chocolate consumption and a reduction in the risk of atrial fibrillation. This condition causes an arrhythmia that could turn into heart attacks, heart failure, and other serious problems. Eating two to six servings of dark chocolate a week decreased the risk of atrial fibrillation by 20%, according to the study.

If chocolate helps us with our hearts, let’s look at seven additional reasons why we should eat it:

In brief, eating chocolate is a pleasure that can have benefits for our health. Just be sure to choose those low in sugars and fats, with a high cocoa content, 70% or more.