By La Guía Segura

Discover Puerto Rico’s natural beauty through its forests and trails, safely and with social distancing.

Hiking is a great activity for your physical and mental health. It consists of taking long walks, mainly through natural trails and paths, either to do exercise or to get away from the noise and the daily routine. In pandemic times, it can be very beneficial as it is done entirely outdoors and can be easily performed with enough social distancing to minimize the probability of infection. Fortunately, Puerto Rico has hundreds of trails and roads to discover all around the island and within a variety of ecosystems.

Though it may seem a remote and distanced activity, we must stay alert. This is why you should bring all your security and prevention gear, including masks and hand sanitizer. Keep in mind, you may not be the only person there, so you should be careful and keep a fair distance. It is also essential that you bring enough water and food to keep yourself hydrated and energized. Wear comfortable closed-toe shoes, lightweight clothes, and sunblock. Also, make sure that you properly follow the trails and road signs. Straying far from them can put you at risk of getting lost, and your cell phone signal might not be the best in some of these places.

You should also know that, although hiking may not be an intense activity, there are trails for different levels of fitness. Before you go, remember to check the distance and complexity of the trails you plan to walk on, to make sure they are adequate for you. Before you start any physical activity you have never done before, it is always a good idea to consult your doctor or health professional.

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Before you visit any of these forests, make sure to check beforehand whether they are open or have modified their hours due to the pandemic.