For 14 years, Triple-S has been participating in Uniendo Cabezas por los niños de CAP (putting heads together for CAP kids), the massive shaving of heads event in Puerto Rico to raise funds and show solidarity to kids with cancer. The event, established by Fundación CAP in 2010, has raised millions of dollars to benefit kids with cancer at the Oncology Unit of the University Pediatric Hospital in Centro Médico, the leading public children’s hospital in Puerto Rico.

Fundación CAP was founded in 1989 with the mission to ensure that all pediatric cancer patients, regardless of their income, can enjoy access to the best quality care in Puerto Rico while staying near their homes and families.  All funds raised by CAP remain in Puerto Rico and are used to purchase medical equipment, pay for improvements to the facilities and provide support services to the children and their families.

Hundreds of Triple-S employees have shown solidarity throughout the years by participating in the event. This year, and for the second time, one of these Captains, as they are called within the organization, is Luis Martínez, President of Salus, the Triple-S network of healthcare clinics.  Martínez has made children with cancer a cause he is devoted to. When he was a student, he had the opportunity to visit a pediatric hospital and share with kids undergoing cancer treatments. That experience left a profound mark and motivated him to be in the health industry. “I invite you to join us next year in an event of love and hope that shows solidarity to children with cancer and their families during hard times. Together we can enable healthy and happy lives for kids.” Martínez expressed himself as if he was being shaved.

Triple-S employees presented a donation of $23,000.00 and filled the event with music and positive energy. For more information, go to