Keeping your home cool is also important for maintaining good health and well-being, including reducing stress, improving sleep, and exacerbating pre-existing medical conditions such as heart, respiratory, and circulatory diseases.

Before summer comes, your home may start feeling very hot. But there are simple ways to keep your house cool and comfortable this season. By making small changes in the home, you can keep your home cool even on the hottest days.

    1. Turn on the lights as little as possible. Light bulbs emit heat that, even though it may not seem like, contributes to warming the house. The best option is to switch to LED white light bulbs. Another option is to turn on a small lamp instead of the ceiling light.
    2. Indoor Plants. This is a natural way to protect yourself from high temperatures, bringing life, color, and freshness. Plants absorb heat and lower the room temperature. Remember to keep them hydrated by watering them constantly. Another trick is to spray water on their leaves, and you will notice how the environment cools down.
    3. Change your bedclothes.  Make sure your sheets are made of cotton and cool materials.
    4. Mop. Even if your house floor is clean, mopping it with water is an excellent way to cool down its temperature and therefore that of the house. The water will absorb the heat to evaporate, making the room cooler.
    5. Use fans. Place fans strategically so that instead of moving hot air, they ventilate the space and push the heat away. A good trick is to place a bowl of ice in front of the fan to cool the air.
    6. Please avoid using the oven, hairdryer, and clothes dryer as they emit a lot of heat that stays inside the house.
    7. Use the extractor fan when cooking, preventing the heat from concentrating and your kitchen from turning into an oven inside the house. Remember to clean it frequently so that grease does not accumulate.
    8. Close doors and windows during the hottest hours to prevent heat from entering.

More important than keeping a cool house is keeping yourself refreshed, too. Wear fresh clothes, avoiding tight clothing so that your skin can breathe. You know that hydration is essential. Drink water constantly throughout the day. To lower your body temperature, take a shower every day with fresh water, preferably during the hottest hours of the day, or at least constantly wet your neck, nape, and wrists. Keeping your home cool is essential for comfort and protecting your health.