The family room is the most space used in your house. Generations come together here, but family and friends are also welcome. So, this room must be intimate and cozy, comfortable, and above all that, it invites you to talk, read, watch television, play video games, board games, or hang out. It can even be responsible for family union and help combat, if necessary, social isolation or loneliness. In other countries, they call it a living room. It is known as a family room in Puerto Rico, as in English. Still, it is an even more beautiful way to call it because it implies social connection, bonds, and relationships.

What types of furniture should you include in your family room? The protagonist is always the most comfortable sofa you can find. Many have them in the shape of an L that allows them to accommodate several family members in comfortable positions or lying down. Let’s remember that the objective of this room should be a pleasant place that can ensure rest. You can include individual seats in case a farther away guest arrives. And cushions, all you want.

The recommendation also includes two tables to support remote controls, electronic devices, and glasses and plates. If these tables can also be storage furniture, it is even better. It is usually a room where books, photo albums, board games, chargers, and devices accumulate. You can also even have folding side tables. The best are those that are easy to open and store. The TV cabinet can also have shelves and drawers that will be very beneficial.

These are practical furniture. Let’s see all those elements that will make it a warm and cozy room. Lighting is essential. You can include a lamp in addition to the illumination from the ceiling. You can turn it on to create a more intimate atmosphere. White lights are now used; however, for this reason, it is not recommended for this location unless you have accommodated a desk or study area.

Let’s look at other elements. The art paintings, but above all the photographs, give this space a very personal touch. It is a perfect opportunity to remind the family of the happy moments that you have lived together. Please place them in a visible place so they can enjoy them every day. You can play with the style of the photo frames, even combine them for an eclectic look.

Once you have prepared your ideal family room, invite the family to spend time together. Look for activities where they could talk and have fun. The family union is the creation of certain daily routines, traditions, and celebrations that connect all its members.