There are many variables to know if your business, company, or venture is at an ideal level. While some measure the health of businesses with the figures in a financial statement, the reality is that there are other things that affect them. The well-being of an organization depends on many things and here we tell you which to keep in mind.

Happy Staff

A happy staff member will stay longer in your business and help you reach your goals. If you lose staff easily, even if you offer good benefits, think through if the work environment helps them meet their goals and if people feel truly valued. People who love their workplace will talk about you to their friends, peers, and highly skilled acquaintances, which is necessary for the company to keep on growing and progress. Also, a happy employee is a productive staff member.

Happy Customers

Studies show that the success of a business can be predicted by the number of people who repeat purchases or visits to the premises. A happy client will refer other people to you, leave good reviews and speak well of your business, which is the best type of advertising there is. Ask your customers how they feel and find ways to improve their experience.

Suitable Environment

If your business has leaders instead of bosses, your workers are comfortable giving criticism, and good communication is encouraged, you know you have the right environment. Being an employer known for creating a good aura speaks highly of management and fosters best dynamics for human and business growth.

Credibility And Expertise

If you or one of your workers is seen as a benchmark by the community or the media, you know that you enjoy a good reputation, and this is a sign of health and quality in your field. Offer to give talks, give support to causes, or become part of the conversation to make yourself relevant in your market.


Quickly adapting to change and acting fast is a great sign of a healthy place. Stiffness is the enemy of progress and knowing how to adapt to new circumstances is a sign of intelligence. Ask yourself if you have areas of opportunity to improve in this aspect and embrace a malleable mentality.

Consistent Earnings

If your capital inflow is constant, this will give you security when making decisions for all parts of the business. It will also help you plan for the well-being of your company.

Does your business show these signs of health? Remember that all healthy businesses start with a healthy employee and at Triple-S for SMEs we offer you health plans with great benefits to take care of your people physically and mentally.