By: Jesica Vicente Reyes, Triple-S Health Educator

Christmas time is awaited by many, but for others, it is a period of expenses and losses. Starting with decorations, parties, gifts, and trips, looking for options to reduce costs during these festivities is necessary. One of the opportunities we must economize is to recycle and reuse items. Below are some examples of best practices for the holiday season.

There’s only possible Christmas with traditional trees, so we can use our imagination to create a variety of trees with recycled materials. Wooden pallets, bottles, lights, and even cardboard boxes can help make a completely different, modern, unique Christmas tree for your home.

Christmas decorations are an essential complement to the tree. If this year you want to change color, one of the recommendations is to refuse decorations from previous years. Use fabrics, craft items, stickers, or glitter as alternatives to modify the decorations and make them look completely different from the initial ones. Another option to consider is to exchange decorations with family or friends.

Likewise, home decorations today can be a luxury and somewhat expensive. A suggestion for centerpieces is to use Christmas spheres in various colors or sizes and place them in different containers to decorate spaces of interest or need in the residence. If children are at home, you can create works of art together. Designing Christmas prints and brightening the atmosphere will leave a different memory in their hearts.

Promoting recycling this season also includes gifts for our loved ones. Do it yourself! It is a new modality to convert art into new designs. Everyone has a shirt or jeans that are not used anymore, so you can make purses, clothes, and many other creations to surprise at parties. These pieces would be unique and lovingly developed for those close to you.

Another way to reduce costs is by reusing paper for gift wrapping or bags. If you don’t have Christmas paper, turn over any you have and place some details (bow with fabric or ribbon, drawing with markers, etc.). Use newspaper in a cardboard box, or leave gifts unwrapped under beds.

The best gift for this Christmas will be to contribute to a healthy environment through recycling, promote better financial health by reducing costs and share in peace with the family for a complete well-being.

Remember to use creativity and highlight the true meaning of the Christmas season. These are the memorable moments that will make everyone in the home happy. Happy Holidays!