As cancer causes an emotional roller coaster, many patients and caregivers also added as a concern how they will be managing the pain.

“Cancer is a very complex disease that, in addition to threatening your life, also has the potential to cause a lot of pain. Although, there are certain prescriptions and medications to treat pain.  At Triple-S Vida we have made the decision to add the benefit of covering medical cannabis to our cancer policy. Now our insures have an additional option to deal with the disease and pain” said José Manuel Rodríguez, Special Risk Director of Triple-S Vida.


The medical literature explains that pain does not necessarily affects all patients.  When the pain occurs, it may be related to the type of cancer, the stage of development and even, the tests and treatments that the patient receives.

However, managing it effectively is the patients key to achieve a better life quality and to feel better while the treatment lasts.In cancer cases the medical cannabis in addition to relieving pain, helps to control nausea and vomiting, reduces anxiety, promotes better sleep and improves appetite. [1]

Rodríguez explained Triple-S Vida cancer policy pays for the insured incur expenses regarding prescription or recommended medications for pain management because of cancer disease. Medications must be medically necessary and ordered by the Oncologist in charge of the cancer treatment. The maximum benefit is $1,500 during the policy life. 

“In case of cannabis treatments, the recommendation must be issued by an authorized doctor that complies with all active regulations and licenses. To receive this type of treatment the insured must have acknowledged a cancer diagnosis and have a recommendation from their doctor” explained Rodríguez.

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