Burnout affects your employees and their productivity. It is proven that when employees feel at ease, they have a positive impact on any company or business. It is the responsibility of the owner and management to look out for the mental health of the staff and make adjustments if they notice any kind of discouragement or discomfort.

Below is a chart with 5 clear tips on how to keep your employees from feeling burnt out.


Cause of burnout



Too little time to address personal matters

Provide flexible work arrangements and support for employees who are caregivers and guardians. Be open to new ways of working and invite employees to build a schedule that best suits their current structure and limitations.


Poor relationship with co-workers

Firstly, know how to listen to concerns or complaints, and then increase communication and connection through creative means and diverse learning and communication channels. It is important that employees feel part of a community.


Unrecognized effort

To maintain your employee's commitment, you must recognize their contributions to the business. Congratulating and thanking them for their work will encourage them to continue to grow.


Pressure and stress

Redistribute and reorganize work, offer flexibility around when tasks should be completed, prioritize essential work, and schedule conversations about professional development


Routine and boredom

Plan and carry out team building activities or celebrations that take them out of the day-to-day, at least 3 times a year. Encourage them to bring their learning needs and offer workshops that motivate them


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