When we talk about the Christmas holidays, we immediately think about celebrating and having fun at parties. However, after having kept our distance during the pandemic, it’s normal for all of us to feel more anxious and stressed than usual.

Some may have high expectations about what the holidays should be, and instead of feeling joyful, they struggle with the pressure of being unable to deliver. Others could feel obligated to socialize more than they would like or to attend family reunions where conflicts and uncomfortable situations may arise.

For most people, the Christmas season also leads to significant financial distress because they don’t know how to afford the gifts and added expenses associated with the traditional holiday celebrations.

For many others, the season brings on an overwhelming sadness as they remember loved ones they have lost because they passed away or the relationship ended. It is also brought on by missing friends and family with whom they cannot spend time anymore due to a change in workplace or a move.

This is why we must take special care of our emotional wellbeing during the holidays. Below are some of the things you can do to help you take care of yourself:

  • Keep realistic expectations for family reunions. You can even excuse yourself from attending if you feel it would be better to avoid the situation.
  • Participate in community activities, especially by donating your time as a volunteer. Remember that giving is loving!
  • Dedicate more time than usual to resting; you can sleep, read, or even take a stroll or travel.
  • Exercise regularly. This helps release endorphins, which provides more energy and a greater sense of general wellbeing.
  • Do everything in moderation, especially when consuming foods and drinks.
  • Avoid comparing yourself to others since this has an impact on your self-esteem. This is especially important if you have a negative body image.

Additionally, REMEMBER to seek help from your mental health care provider or therapist if you need it.

All of this will help you enjoy a greater emotional wellbeing. This means you have control over your own thoughts, feelings, and behavior. It also means you know how to handle the changes and challenges life brings, as you can put problems in their proper perspective and recover from any setbacks. And most importantly, you feel better with yourself and with your personal, work, and family relationships.