The COVID-19 vaccine is an essential step in ending the pandemic of this deadly virus. We urge you to follow up on the availability of the vaccine in your community and the phases in which it will be distributed so you don’t miss the opportunity to get vaccinated. 

Triple-S Salud and Triple-S Advantage cover the vaccine administration without requiring copayment from our insured members and affiliates.

We answer some frequently asked questions below:

How does the vaccine work? Is it safe?

The COVID-19 mRNA vaccine trains your immune system to recognize the presence of the virus in your body and fight against it.

Although the COVID-19 vaccine was developed in record time, it was created based on the research conducted to develop mRNA vaccines for other diseases, such as influenza, rabies, and Zika. In addition, the vaccine trial results have been extensively analyzed by experts to attest to its safety.

Can I get COVID-19 from the vaccine?

No, the vaccine cannot give you the disease because it does not contain the attenuated virus.

Can I stop wearing a face mask if I get the vaccine?

No, you should keep wearing a face mask for the moment. The vaccine protects you from getting seriously ill, but a vaccinated person can become an asymptomatic carrier and infect those who have yet to be vaccinated. It will also depend on getting enough people vaccinated until we attain what is known as herd immunity.

Could I get a positive COVID-19 test result after getting the vaccine?

 Yes, it is possible for some serological tests to identify the antibodies you have developed because of the vaccine.

How long does it take for the vaccine to work?

Experts say it could take several weeks and the administration of both doses (in the case of vaccines that require two doses) to acquire protection (immunity) against the virus. Even if you are vaccinated, it is crucial to continue abiding by safety measures, such as using a mask, avoiding crowded spaces, and washing your hands frequently.

I’ve heard about adverse reactions to the vaccine. Is the vaccine worth it?

Certainly, allergic reactions have happened. This is normal, but it is no reason to avoid getting the vaccine. However, these reactions are minor when compared to the protection the vaccine provides against an illness that has caused the death of several hundreds of thousands of people in the United States and Puerto Rico. If you still have questions, talk with your doctor, who knows your medical history best.

What safety measures can I take while I wait for my turn to get vaccinated?

  • If you plan on leaving the house, continue using a mask that covers both your nose and mouth
  • Keep at least 6 feet away from other people
  • Avoid spaces where large gatherings take place
  • Steer clear of places with poor ventilation and opt for outdoor settings

Wash your hands frequently and avoid touching your face