By La Guía Segura

Rediscover the countryside and mountains of Puerto Rico to clear your mind, but always taking all the proper safety measures.

There are many things we are missing since the COVID-19 safety measures were enforced. But the truth is that doing activities indoors and being around crowds of people still pose a significant risk of infection that we must skip at all costs.

However, we can focus on the positives and regard the situation as an opportunity to try new things or rediscover experiences we had not had in a long time. For example, how long has it been since you last visited Puerto Rico’s mountains? Luckily, outdoor activities, when practiced safely, pose a small infection risk. Puerto Rico has many landscapes and mountains to visit, so here’s some help on how to do so responsibly.

Venture out only with those who live with you

The fact that outdoor activities are relatively safe does not mean you can have a picnic with all of your friends. Even if we are outdoors, it is important to still keep the social distancing measures urged by health authorities.

Wear a mask even if you’re outside

You may be going to remote places, but that other people may also be going and enjoying nature at the same place. So it is essential to keep using the mask and stay at least 6 feet of distance on trails and in places where there are other people.

Bring everything you need with you

Pack your meals, drinks, personal hygiene items, and all you need for your adventure. This way, you skip having to stop at other places to buy them and minimize your exposure in places with likely higher risks.

Double-check before heading out

If you plan to visit a state park or forest, first check whether their hours and rules have changed due to the pandemic. That way, you make sure you have all the information you need for your trip.

If you need tips about where to go in the countryside or the mountains, here are some of our favorites:

  • Toro Negro State Forest
    Between Jayuya, Ponce, Ciales, and Orocovis
  • Maricao State Forest
  • Monte Guilarte State Forest
  • Río Abajo State Forest
  • Carite State Forest
  • El Yunque State Forest
    Río Grande, Luquillo

We’re sure your countryside adventure will do you good. Nothing better than the mountain fresh air to take your mind off the intense days we’re living in. Don’t forget to stick to the safety measures, so you can enjoy yourself freely. Also, keep in mind that Triple-S Directo offers the TeleConsulta service, a 24/7 phone line run by a highly capable nursing staff ready to answer any health-related questions you may have.

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