Triple-S Advantage announced that, as part of measures to keep senior adults healthy, reduce Covid-19 infections, and address their population’s need for access to healthy food options, it now offering a home-cooked meal delivery program for its affiliates.

This initiative is part of an alliance with Diet Home, a local company that specializes in providing nutritionally balanced menus and quality food. The pandemic and measures such as quarantine have amplified social factors such as the lack of access to nutritious food for our senior adults, a segment that makes up more than 20% of the Puerto Rican population. Through Triple-S Contigo – From the Kitchen to your Door, our members can take advantage of a varied and nutritious food service in which Triple-S will pay the cost of delivery.

Diet Home has prepared a menu with 15 prepared food options so that Triple-S Advantage members can select seven or fifteen dishes at the following prices:

  • 7 dishes = $40 ($5.71 each)
  • 15 dishes = $85 ($5.66 each)

Menu of dishes to choose from:

  1. Turkey meatloaf in BBQ sauce with mamposteao rice
  2. Chicken fricassee with white rice
  3. Spaghetti in marinara sauce and ground turkey meat
  4. Turkey burger with sweet potato mash
  5. Baked fish with “viandas”
  6. Turkey meatballs in Creole sauce with mamposteao rice
  7. Chicken breast with onions and brown rice
  8. Chicken quesadillas with pico de gallo and guacamole
  9. Ground turkey meat lasagna
  10. Stewed meat with brown rice
  11. Turkey and Jasmine Rice Mince
  12. Yellow canoe (canoa) stuffed with chicken or turkey
  13. Penne pasta with chicken in Alfredo sauce
  14. Chicken dumplings over quinoa with “viandas”
  15. Stewed meat and sweet potato mash

Affiliates interested in Triple-S Contigo – From the Kitchen to your Door, can call to place their order and confirm delivery availability in their area at 787-474-6319 or toll free at 1-888-620-1919. Monday to Friday from 8:00 am at 4:30 p.m. Users with TTY equipment should call 1-866-620-2520.

This measure in a crisis situation also reduces the need for our members and their families to expose themselves to long lines in food establishments. Triple-S Contigo is a comprehensive affiliate service program that also offers special content, entertainment, activities, such as exercises, music, comedy, education, and other topics.