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Triple-S Care Plus Medigap
Health Insurance

Triple-S Care Plus Medigap
Health Insurance

Who is eligible for this plan?

Care Plus Medigap is the plan for government retirees subscribed to Parts A and B of Medicare. In addition, optional dependents of active government employees will be eligible for the supplemental coverage as long as they are not subscribed to Medicare on grounds of disability or End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD).

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What is Care Plus Medigap?

It is the name of our supplemental policy to Original Medicare which is offered to retired government employees with the Medicare Parts A and Part B and can help pay for some of the health care costs that Original Medicare does not cover, such as coinsurance and deductibles.

Triple-S Salud offers you the C model of Medicare supplemental plans. The coinsurance and deductibles covered by this policy will accrue according to the charges accepted under Original Medicare.

Model C is a plan that covers deductibles and coinsurance established for benefits covered in Part A and Part B Medicare Program. This model applies to affiliates who turn 65 years in the current year, are disabled or have Medicare before that date.


The following table allows you to compare some of the benefits, deductibles and coinsurance covered by Medicare and Care Plus Medigap for Model C.

Hospital Services
Dedicible period of illness $1,556 $0 $1,556 $0
First 60 days 100% $0 $0
Days 61 to 90 All, except $389 daily $389 daily $0
While the 60 days of lifetime reserve are used All, except $778 daily $778 daily $0
Once the 365 additional days of lifetime reserve are used $0 100% of the eligible expenses of Medicare $0*
First 20 days 100% $0 $0
Days 21 al 100 All, except $194.50 daily $194.50 daily $0
Day 101 and subsequent days $0 $0 All expenses

Physician services, supplies and medical services for hospitalized and ambulatory patients, physical and speech therapy, diagnostic tests, durable medical equipment.

Annual Deductible $0 $233 $0
Coinsurance 80% 20% $0
First 3 pint $0 100% $0

* When your Part A Medicare hospital benefit has been exhausted, Triple-S Salud will pay any amount Medicare would have paid up to 365 additional days, as provided in the policy’s basic coverage. During this period the hospital cannot charge you for the balance based in any difference between the billed charges and the amount Medicare would have paid.

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