Did you know that all Triple-S members can receive special support during their hospitalization and in their transition back home for 30 days? Triple-S Contigo en el Hospital was designed to enhance the services you receive during your stay at the hospital and after you are discharged so you can complete your care and avoid relapses.

This transition program assigns a support staff that will help you every step of the way during your hospital stay, coordinate follow-up appointments with your primary care physician, and make sure you have your prescriptions and drugs for the first 7 days following your discharge. You will also receive clear instructions on what you should or should not do after leaving the hospital to recover at home.

This concierge service focuses on providing you with special support to close the gap between the moment that hospital care ends and the beginning of your outpatient care with your primary care physician.

Why Was Triple-S Contigo en el Hospital Created?

Studies show that these transition of care (TOC) initiatives can reduce preventable readmissions up to 45%. In addition, returning to the hospital because of preventable circumstances needlessly exposes you to potential falls, infections, and ulcers due to prolonged immobilization, which puts your health at risk.

Advantages of Triple-S Contigo en el Hospital

1. When arriving at the hospital, you will receive a kit for a more pleasant stay.

2. Your support staff will streamline communications with the medical team.

3. You will receive educational material about your condition and recovery.

4. We make sure you have your prescriptions and drugs before leaving the hospital. 

5. We set up your follow-up appointments so you don’t have to worry about scheduling them.

6. We coordinate everything you need for your recovery at home (services and/or equipment).

Participating Hospitals

You can enjoy this exclusive service at:

  • Ashford Hospital 
  • Manatí Medical Center
  • Mayagüez Medical Center
  • Hospital San Lucas, Ponce
  • Doctors’ Center in Carolina, Bayamón, Manatí, and San Juan

To learn more about this program made exclusively for you, call us at 787-706-2552.