In Puerto Rico we are all too familiar with hurricane season. As soon as June arrives, we start watching the news and keeping a closer eye on weather forecasts. Our top priority is making sure we are prepared and able to protect our family’s wellbeing and home. At the same time, it is also very important to protect the useful and valuable asset that is our car.

Here are seven simple tips to protect your car in the event of a hurricane. We recommend that you read these tips carefully, include them in your list of things to do when expecting a hurricane, and share them with family and friends so that they can also protect their cars accordingly.

What you can do to protect your car before a hurricane:

1. Park your car in a safe location

Parking your car in the safest place possible is the most important measure you can take to protect it during a hurricane.

If you can, leave it in a closed, roofed garage, where it is protected from strong winds and rain. If this is not possible, try to park it near a tall building, as this will provide shelter and minimize the impact of hurricane-force winds.

Make sure you never leave it parked near trees, power poles, billboards, or other objects that may fall during a hurricane. Finally, do not leave the car near the sea or in low-lying areas where flooding can occur.

2. Make sure you fill up on gas before a hurricane

Several gas stations may not be able to supply fuel in the hours or days following a hurricane. Plan ahead by filling up your gas tank before an extreme weather event. Don’t wait until the last minute to do so, as you can avoid the long lines you are already familiar with.

3. Take pictures of your car

Take pictures of your car before a hurricane. In case of damages, these pictures will help you show the insurance company the state of your car prior to the extreme weather event. They can also help you detect any possible damage. As you start this process, remember to take pictures of both the car’s exterior and interior.

4. Keep your important documents in a safe place

Do not keep your car documents inside the vehicle, as these and other important documents may end up being destroyed if the car’s interior suffers major water or flood damage. Keep all documents in a protected place and, if possible, make backup copies or take pictures of everything in case the original documents become damaged or destroyed.

5. Get copies of your keys

If you don’t have another set of car keys, now it’s a good time to make copies. Give one of the copies to a family member or friend. If you are unable to reach the place where you parked the car after a hurricane, this family member or friend could help.

6. Check all doors and windows

It is crucial to verify that all car windows and doors are properly locked. Failure to do so could allow rain to completely ruin your car’s interior. While this seems obvious, stressful situations (like the imminent arrival of a hurricane) can make us forget the simplest things. Moreover, you could also go a step further and cover the car with a waterproof tarp.

These are some of the measures you can take to protect your car when a hurricane is approaching.

Never underestimate the strength of a hurricane. And remember that all these measures must be taken days before the hurricane arrives; otherwise, haste may lead you to make mistakes or even put your own safety at risk.

Your family, car, home and everything in it, are worth protecting. If you still do not have insurance or want to check if you are properly protected this hurricane season, Triple-S Propiedad is a great choice. Learn more at

7. Keep track of the latest information on the hurricane

Even if this is advice that many of us already follow, it is certainly worth reminding that you must stay informed on the hurricane’s trajectory, its intensity, and its projected landfall (when it will pass over the island and your area of residence).

Having the right information will help you take the necessary precautions in a timely manner and decide if you need to buy something or take your car to a safe place.