Many drivers may have questions about which auto insurance claims are most likely to be filed with insurers. It is useful to know which car accidents involving a driver require filing a claim.

Here are the most commonplace auto insurance claims, to give you an idea in case you need to use your policy.

Minor accidents

The most common claims include accidents like fender benders, where the damage to a vehicle is minimal and there are no injuries. This type of situation is quite usual and happens most frequently on highways and in parking lots.

Windshield glass damage

All it takes to break a windshield is for another vehicle to propel a stone lifted by its wheels as it moves. A windshield can also break in an accident or crash. Since the material this glass is made of is so delicate, it is common for it to break and for repair claims to be made.


Vandalism can be quite frequent in certain areas. Oftentimes, drivers will find that their vehicles have been hit with a baseball bat, keyed, broken into, or vandalized in other ways. Comprehensive coverage will reimburse expenses incurred due to acts of vandalism. 

Damage due to weather events

Damages caused by storms, hurricanes, or floods can be quite severe, and vehicles are often badly affected. Drivers who live in areas prone to extreme storms should take additional steps to protect their vehicles.

Single-vehicle accidents

Collisions with inanimate objects are among the most frequent claims. Many unfortunate drivers suffer collisions with objects such as light poles, guardrails, or mailboxes.

Neck injuries / Whiplash

This type of injury occurs when the neck moves forward in a quick motion. It can happen during rear-end collisions or in any type of car accident. Depending on the severity of this injury, victims may require medical attention.

Car theft

Drivers who have had their cars stolen will be reimbursed if they have comprehensive coverage. However, the check issued to them will not be for a value equivalent to that of a new vehicle. Instead, they will be reimbursed for the vehicle’s market value at the time it was stolen. If the stolen vehicle was being financed, the insurance policyholder must pay the difference between the amount owed to the bank and the amount to be paid by the insurance company.

Have you ever had to file an auto claim? For which of these cases was it? If you need auto insurance to protect your car, remember that Triple-S Propiedad has options for you.