Just like you, your home deserves having established goals and objectives to be in top condition, both for the new year and at all times. Your house is your safe haven, and its condition can have a major impact on your life and the lives of your loved ones. Let the countdown begin with ideas that will ensure your property is off to a great start on January 1st!

1. Reduce your energy use

What if you try making the planet a better place while improving your own environment? Going green could be a great way to make this year truly extraordinary. Consider installing solar panels or purchasing a hybrid car: these are popular options that could make a difference. However, there are more accessible options to get you started, such as learning to recycle properly, turning off lights when you are not using them, and closing the faucet when brushing your teeth. This way, you will not only contribute to a better planet but also significantly reduce your bills.

Save more by purchasing energy-efficient household appliances, especially air conditioners for the warmer months.

2. Organize your spaces

Getting rid of clutter is a must. It is probably the fastest and most economical way to feel more comfortable in your home. Keeping your space organized basically entails two habits, one of which is to periodically get rid of things you don’t use often or don’t like at all. The second habit is to keep only the things you really need.

To enjoy your home to the fullest, you need to make the most out of every corner and room. Having too many things could take up valuable space that could be used for a living room, an office, or a playroom. Prioritize what is important to you and reorganize your home so that you have enough space for it.

3. Add security and safety features

Your home can look beautiful and be properly organized, but is that enough? You must make sure you are not living with a potential fire, health, or safety hazard.

Be sure your home is up to date with the latest safety standards and that it is properly ventilated. To reduce the risk of fire, install smoke detectors or check them to see that they are working properly. Also, remember to regularly clean out the lint trap in the dryer since the appliance’s heat can burn the lint and cause a fire. You can also install door and window alarms.

4. Turn home improvements into family projects

How about trying some fun home improvement projects with your family this year? These projects will not only make your home better but can also help you spend quality time with your loved ones. You could start with small projects, such as changing the bathroom and kitchen faucets or updating the light fixtures. These are fun and creative ways to spend your time, and when you’re done, you’ll have more stylish decor in your home.

You can also try your hand at nature-related projects. Plant a tree in your backyard or spend some time in the garden with your family. Create a home vegetable garden with your favorite foods and consider planting each family member’s favorites.

5. Create a year-round cleaning plan

Everyone loves to live in a clean house, but not everyone likes to clean. Developing a solid organizing and cleaning plan could be the key to keeping your spaces uncluttered and neat. Design a daily plan, a weekly plan, and a monthly plan with specific tasks for each family member. This helps create habits, and eventually, everyone will do their part automatically, without giving it much thought. Assign tasks according to each family member’s age and abilities. Performing cleaning tasks every day helps you avoid dedicating your weekend to it, and you could use that time to rest or go out.

6. Verify your property insurance

It is advisable to be prepared for any adverse situation. Make sure your policies are adequate for your type of property and area of residence. Also, make sure your payments are up to date and that you fully understand what is covered under each insurance. If you own multiple properties, consider getting a multi-pack insurance to save money.

What other New Year’s resolutions would you consider making for your home? If you need insurance for your home, remember: Triple-S Propiedad is here to advise you and recommend options.