While you may have already witnessed the adverse impact that a hurricane can have on a property, it is important to remember that it can also affect your finances. According to federal sources, Hurricane María resulted in an average loss of $29.5 billion for all of the United States and Puerto Rico. Learning  about the most common types of property damage caused by this weather event can help you anticipate possible damages and take the necessary measures to protect your home.

1. Windows

Category 4 hurricanes produce sustained winds of approximately 130-156 mph that can destroy even the strongest windows.

2. Interiors

If your windows and doors sustain damages because of the heavy rains and winds, the property’s interior (including your furniture, appliances, and equipment) will also be impacted.

3. Personal and commercial equipment

Many types of equipment can be affected by heavy rains and hurricane winds. Steam boilers, water boilers, sterilizers, electrical equipment, transformers, generators, air conditioning systems, electronic data processing systems, computer equipment, and telephone systems can become damaged. We recommend that you keep these types of equipment in areas where they can be kept safe and protected from damages in the event of a storm or hurricane.

Consider the previous points and make sure you take the appropriate measures before hurricane season arrives. Moreover, keep in mind that you can always get hurricane insurance. This is one of the best resources you can count on to recover from a weather event like this one. And remember, Triple-S Propiedad has the policy you need to protect your property and everything in it.