By Beverly Ramos / @Bevramos

For me, running has been therapeutic throughout my entire life. The pandemic has only served to increase that feeling of wellness I get when I run. And I’m not the only one. During this very peculiar year, the need to be outdoors, clear the mind, and find some sort of focus has led many others to do exercise and enjoy the benefits it brings.

Personally, since there are no competitions going on for the moment being, running has become something I do out of love and to take care of my body and mind. It is almost like meditating: I treat it as a sacred activity. I recommend that you take on the challenge to spend some time on yourself through self-care and exercise. This is, like they say, a win-win situation: you find a way to clear your mind and unplug from all the anxiety surrounding us while providing the maintenance your body needs to be healthier. Besides, as long as you take all the due precautions, doing exercise allows you to be outdoors at a time when many other activities have been restricted. There are countless sports and forms of physical activity. Find one you like and explore it. You will see how satisfying it feels, even if you’re just trying it out.


  • If you have never run, start out by walking.
  • Work with your times, not your distance. Set goals in terms of minutes and ramp up your times when you feel your body will allow it.
  • It is not advisable to set goals that are too aggressive. If you start from a point where you never exercised, a good start would be to do exercise 3 times a week.
  • Be disciplined and strict with yourself –you should zealously stick to the time you’ve set aside to exercise your body.
  • Start increasing the time you spend walking/running at a rate in which you feel comfortable.

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