By Arnaldo Santiago / @Diaryoftrips

Traveling, doing open air tourism, and inspiring others to do it is my life’s greatest passion. It is a passion that I’ve been lucky to transform into a job that bring me great satisfaction. Now, imagine how I felt when suddenly everything that I love was paused indefinitely.

I took the most intense lockdown months as a pause to reassess my goals and see how I could continue doing what brings me joy and guide others to do it safely.

My daughter Ceci was another priority those days. I also worried for the emotional health of kids like her. The world changed for them in a second. Dealing with confinement and the unfamiliar sensation that this new reality brings is not easy for them.

Once the regulations were eased, the new trip was clear. Following a strict set of rules that I imposed on myself to take care of my health and that of my daughter, I involved her in every open air activity I could find. In the meantime, I also developed safe, local tourism recommendations for others.

It’s important to not restrict yourself. You have to go out. You have to clear your mind. Don’t stop doing it until “normalcy” returns. Your wellbeing and that of your family come first.


  • 3 basic rules: Masks. Social distancing. Wash your hands (or use hand sanitizer). Do not visit a place where people do not respect that.
  • Common sense and planning are your best allies. Your goal is to avoid large groups of people and crowded activities.
  • Create your bubble or small group of people to hang out with. Do not break it up. Be strict in this regard.
  • Monitor your health and check that you feel physically well to be active outdoors.
  • Talk and ask. There are many properties to rent and enjoy. Call the owners or administrators before you rent to discuss safety and cleaning protocols. This will help you feel safer and avoid surprises.

Triple-S Directo gives me peace of mind when venturing outdoors. I know that my daughter and I have over 13,000 health providers in the island at our disposal.

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