Mother’s Day is coming up, and what better way to show your love and how much you care than by celebrating it with her! There are many activities that you can do without leaving home while still feeling that you’re commemorating that special day. We will share a few ideas with you. The important thing is to make this day feel different, a perfect opportunity to give thanks for all your blessings and pray for all mothers so that they can continue to do their best, no matter their age or the age of their children. Treat yourself to a nice and peaceful day, with at least one relaxing and out-of-the-ordinary activity. 

  1. Set the table with your fine china, and decorate it with flowers: On this day, you will also prepare your meals at home. However, to make this meal feel special, you should move it from your usual, everyday setting. We suggest eating at the formal dining table or using the table out in the balcony or the terrace. The main idea is to find a new space that you really enjoy because it is by a window, or gets natural light, or because you have plants around, or, for any other special reason. Set up your dining area there. Use the tableware that is usually reserved for special occasions, and place some flowers nearby. And, you will have already created your ideal space.

  2. Movie marathon: You must have a growing list of movies you would like to watch someday. You could dedicate Mother’s Sunday to doing just that. Find the movies you want to watch, or ask someone else for help. Make your list ahead of time, combining your favorite film genres. Another option is to enjoy your all-time favorite movies. Movie streaming platforms tend to have selections from every film era to suit all preferences, including yours.

  3. Make a list of phone or video calls to make: Sometimes, days go by without getting in touch with friends or loved ones. This will be the perfect time to catch up. Think of the people who have been kind to you over the years, those who have done you favors, or just those you enjoy chatting with. Call them, express your affection, or build special bonds through video calls, and catch up on all your new stories. You will see how much love you receive and how much it fills you with positive energy.

  4. Read a poem, your favorite book, or that book you have been meaning to read: Reading always brings peace and tranquility. If you’re not an avid reader, you could find a collection of poems. Enjoy the metaphors, the loving words, praises for nature, or religious verses. Poetry is beauty as well, and this is a perfect day to take it all in.

  5. Songs from the past: Relive your favorite times through music. Dust off that album you like so much and enjoy it once again, humming along to every song and remembering the important moments it brings back to you. You’ll see how this simple activity can completely change your routine. Besides, music can yield many benefits for our health. It can change our mood, boost creativity, and help us forget our suffering. But you don’t save this activity only for special days. Whenever you can, incorporate music into your everyday life.

At Triple-S, we want you to enjoy that special day as a Mother while also being able to perform your loving role as Caretaker.  To get more information, advice, educational content, and our Caregiver’s Guide, visit our Contigo Cuidador webpage.