Are you in the process of buying a health insurance? Zuleyka Soto Rolón, customer service manager in the insurance industry, provides valuable tips for making a smart decision when purchasing your health insurance.

4 Key Factors to Consider

Provider Network: Be sure that you have access to the doctors and specialists you need within the insurance’s network.

Access to Services: Look into additional benefits offered to make your life more comfortable. Can you have a virtual medical appointment from home? Do you have the convenience of ordering your prescribed medications through an app and having them delivered where you need them? It’s convenient to have services that make your life easier and allow you to manage your health from wherever you are.

Access to Emergency Services in the USA: If you frequently visit the United States, it’s important to ensure the insurance provides coverage for emergencies or urgent care when traveling.

Wellness Program: Evaluate if the plan offers guidance, care in disease prevention and management, as well as programs that can complement your lifestyle.

What are metal categories and why do they ask for your age to quote the insurance?

Metal categories in health insurance known as “Gold,” “Silver,” or “Bronze,” for example, will determine the premium, copayment, and deductible you would pay. The selected metal determines the coverage you will have. Age is a determining factor for the cost of the insurance’s monthly premium.

What is the guaranteed enrollment period?

The guaranteed enrollment period is the period during which you can enroll in a plan without risk assessment or waiting period for pre-existing conditions. This period runs from October 1st to December 31st each year, and your plan will be effective from January 1st of the following year.

The three checks for buying your plan intelligently:

    1. Analyze the available options for enrollment.
    1. Seek guidance from a representative or find more information on the insurance’s website.
    1. Select the best option for you.

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