There is no other way to put it: the pandemic has upended our lives. Managing these new circumstances has been challenging for all of us, both personally and financially. For small entrepreneurs, this challenge has been particularly daunting. From managing the restrictions imposed to control infection rates to dealing with strong emotions like stress and anxiety, we know that it has not been easy for SMBs to stay afloat these days. Many have seen a reduction in sales and others have had to lay off employees. Moreover, some have even lost their jobs. But, as with any life experience, no matter how tough it may seem, we can always find positive lessons to move forward.

Here are some of the lessons that we have learned during this complicated 2020:

Now is the time to plan and be proactive

It is okay to currently feel fear and anxiety while facing the future. However, we cannot allow that fear to paralyze us. Now is the time to identify opportunities to improve and protect our businesses as we prepare ourselves for the new challenges that the future will bring. For example, you can seize the moment to complete training and learn new skills. Or maybe the time has come to rethink your business plan. Whatever you choose to accomplish, consider the crisis as an opportunity to reinvent yourself, if necessary.

We are not alone

There was no way to predict the events of this year and their great economic impact. That is why, these days, you shouldn’t consider financial hardship as a personal failure. Many of us are on the same boat, struggling against baffling adversity and uncertainty. Take the time to share experiences with other fellow entrepreneurs for mutual support.

Preparation and emergency plans are important

For the most part, being an entrepreneur means being optimistic; it implies betting on the success of an idea. But that also means that we must be realistic and prepare for any eventuality. If the pandemic made one thing clear, it is acknowledging the critical importance of considering our business plans’ potential risks and taking measures to counteract them before they occur. For instance, something as basic as keeping good records of our income and expenses is crucial to seek financial assistance and emergency loans.

Nothing lasts forever

As a society, we have gone through many hardships throughout time. However, our prospects eventually improve. So we cannot lose hope, even when everything seems to be going wrong. While it is true that the pandemic will not end any time soon, visualizing that it will eventually end is always a good idea. You will see that we will come out stronger and more prepared to face new opportunities and challenges.

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