Unlike hurricanes, earthquakes strike without warning. Because of their unpredictability, it is normal to feel fear during earthquakes. However, what is important is that we prepare ourselves by anticipating different scenarios. This way, we will be able to act more calmly and clearly when they occur.

We share a few recommendations below:

  • A common myth concerning earthquakes is that doorways constitute a safe place to stand under, but this is NOT necessarily true. In many modern structures, doorways are not the safest place in a structure. A solid wooden table, for example, would offer more protection.
  • Remember to stay away from tall furniture that could fall, such as bookcases and cupboards. Also, avoid being close to glass objects, such as windows or light fixtures. Be sure to turn off your stove if you are cooking.
  • If an earthquake strikes while you are sleeping, the best thing you can do is to cover your head with a pillow and stay in bed until all movement passes.
  • If you feel a strong earthquake while driving, find a way to stop the vehicle in a safe place, such as an emergency lane. Place the transmission in park and activate the emergency brake. If you can continue driving after the earthquake, stay alert for possible cracks, fallen poles, fires, or any other dangers on the road resulting from the earthquake.
  • If you are outdoors, stay outdoors. Try to distance yourself as much as possible from buildings or other tall structures that may collapse. If you find yourself in a coastal area that is at high risk of tsunamis, move towards higher ground as soon as the earthquake stops.

It is always a good idea to review these steps at home and as part of your family emergency plan. While we cannot predict when earthquakes will occur, being mentally prepared to manage their effects is a great step towards keeping ourselves safe in any unexpected situation.

Another important element for your plan is knowing that you can rely on the protection you need for your home, business, or other important properties. A good insurance policy for your home will give you peace of mind by knowing that your property is covered.

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