By Rebecca Soler / @Millennialmompr

Repeat after me: “Me time” is essential. If you don’t spend time on yourself, eventually, the time you spend on others will be affected. For me, the key has been understanding that those moments of self-care, even the simplest things, fill you up much more than it would seem at first glance. Getting a mani/pedi, either at home or at the salon (of course, following appropriate safety measures and provided that it is allowed); or heading out on my own to get my first coffee of the day and drinking it in my car while I listen to my favorite playlist, with no interruptions in sight… Pure bliss! Those small moments help me recharge so I can tackle the day-to-day with my girls, and I am sure they will also help you feel empowered to handle your kids, online schooling, work, and everything else.

During the time you’re at home, it is also super important to include physical activity. You could start doing exercise routines by yourself, in front of your computer. If you have kids, you know they will join in! Embrace it. You may not end up doing exercise the way you wanted to, but everyone will have fun, and you will have incorporated some physical activity to your kids’ routine without having to step foot outside.

Although walls can feel restrictive, there are many things you can do to keep them entertained and make the most of the long periods of time spent indoors. Here are some ideas:

  • Creative spaces: set up a corner at home that will be dedicated to painting and arts & crafts. You can search online for inspiration.
  • Exercise time: any place is good for them to burn off their energy, be it the balcony or porch, the hallways in your condo, your backyard, or out in front of your house. You can search online for videos of workouts for little ones. If you have the space, bicycles and scooters are a must for younger kids.
  • Puzzles: in my family, this is one of the things we enjoy together.

You need to be resourceful to work on your wellbeing and that of your family, but it’s not impossible. Besides, Triple-S Directo helps me take care of everyone’s health, making us feel safe wherever we are.

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