By Rebecca Soler / @Millennialmompr

My blog and social media accounts revolve around my relationship with my two daughters, Peanut and Dumpling. The pandemic brought the lockdown. To me, this was a blessing in disguise. I found myself connecting with them as never before. I also grew professionally in other areas of interest.

Once restrictions were eased, I wanted to keep that positive momentum and continue bonding through the content I create with them. Going outdoors to enjoy as a family was only logical.

The trick is how to do it while watching out for everyone’s safety. We had to make sure that the girls felt safe and comfortable. So I considered walks and visits to the park or the beach as easy to do. They also give us a change of scenery and a much needed breather.


  • Keep family trips for your immediate family unit.
  • Be a morning person. If you have kids, you surely wake up early. So seize the moment and leave before areas or places become too crowded.
  • Organize yourself. You need to have a plan when you have kids. So plan your outing, even if it is for a walk or a simple day out. Believe me, everybody will be happier that way.
  • Keep it fun. From choosing a mask to wear to even following the #NewNormal rules, you must try to adapt. If you do, you and your kids will not feel overwhelmed.
  • Weekend getaways. The simple fact of moving your family from one house to another creates a new and fun environment. It will make a difference, even if you rent it for just a couple of days. Plus, for the moment, that is the best choice for short vacations that you can make.

Another very practical tip is to seize the options that simplify our lives. For example, use the Triple-S en Casa app as much as you can. I use it to order my prescribed and OTC drugs, and they are delivered right to my door. The best part is that delivery is free.

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