Nowadays you probably track everything. Your online purchases, your food delivery orders, mail, you name it. Now, the Mi Triple-S digital platform allows you to track your health and even create a profile. 

Access to Your Medical Information

By simply creating an account, you will be able to access all your information from your phone, computer, or tablet whenever and wherever you are. This great technological solution allows you to view your history of doctor visits, hospitalizations, and medications. This way, you can get a clearer picture of how well your care has been managed over time.

Prevention and Welfare

Because prevention is key for us at Triple-S, you will also receive preventive care alerts to help you make healthy choices that promote your short- and long-term wellbeing.

Access for Your Loved Ones

Have your health data and those of your insured minors always at your hand. If you have a caregiver or someone who helps you to take care of your health, you can also invite them to have access to your information.

Provider Directory

Triple-S has more than 13,000 healthcare providers ready to take care of you. Mi Triple-S also allows you to see the directory so that you can go to the general practitioner, specialist, subspecialist, hospital, laboratory, or pharmacy of your choice.

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