By Beverly Ramos / @Bevramos

As a professional marathon runner, my life revolves around the track field and the great community of athletes that this world develops. This has been my routine and my entire world for most of my life. When the pandemic hit, I had to make great adjustments. To a certain extent, I had to reinvent myself professionally.

When running is your thing, you know that stopping is not an option. This applies to any person who enjoys being active, practicing sports, and leading a healthy lifestyle.

Going back to being active outdoors, in the open air, has been a process of exploration and reinvention for me. I search for new trails through Puerto Rico and appreciate my island’s beauty. The pandemic has liberated me from the very structured regime of training and the pressure it entails. All of a sudden, I find myself becoming an athlete from another angle. I have another type of energy and have found a true connection to the outdoor spaces where I train.

That would be my tip for any person who wants to go outside and exercise. At any level, not just professional. Explore and discover new spaces where you can be active. Maybe it’s not the routine that you already knew, but it doesn’t matter. Work out and take care of your health with the opportunities that each place brings. It is a change and a challenge. However, your body and mind will thank you for it.



    • Don’t go alone. Exercise with someone close to you and who can keep you company.
    • Prepare beforehand. Use social media as a tool to connect, talk, and ask about new places where you would like to exercise.
    • Avoid big groups and crowded hours.
    • Use sunblock, drink water, and wear adequate clothing and shoes. They are all essential.
    • Keep 6 feet of distance between you and other runners.

SOME OF MY FAVORITE TRAILS FOR RUNNING: Jájome, Cayey; Hacienda La Esperanza, Manatí; Cerro Maravilla, Ponce/Jayuya

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